…because she can be sometimes.


This is a test of the 75 Summarit on film…preliminary results suggest that it works.

Edit: Oh hey–and here’s something cool:

Here is the same shot pushed 4.5 STOPS (!!) in LR, and converted to B&W (obviously due to the gross colour distortions resulting). That is the dynamic range of film for you.


Sometimes on those long, cold, dark, Edmonton winter nights, you do regrettable things…like going to Galaxyland.

In any case, I am back after a long hiatus.  My scanner is functional again (tried to upgrade the scanning computer to Windows 10, to no end of heartache) and finally had a chance to finish a complete roll of film.

This is Fuji Superia 800.

Oh and while we’re on the subject…F&*# YOU FUJI for trying to screw us all, and jacking up the price of film come April 1st.  Just discontinue it all already, and stop messing with our minds…we know that’s where you’re ultimately headed.