The Flying Dog

Taken about 90 minutes ago;

I almost deleted it…but then realized the dog was levitating.


It’s not perfect, but I like it for the sense of motion…and that I caught it at all.

The Hound From…

…You know where.

She eats (read: RUINS) everything in site, but gosh-darnit is she cute.


(No one else wants to be photographed by me these days anyway…)

Tmax 400 Pushed to ISO 1600.


Roll Ten I Guess…

So here’s the thing:

I am not loving this Portra indoors, and in the dark.  It really does not like mixed lighting, and colour-correcting some of it is close to impossible.

Second, I wonder whether I am trying too hard as a result.  I may have to let this project lie for a while, until photographing outdoors is again a possibility.

Third: I think I am actually mostly a B&W photographer.

Finally, I debated whether or not I should post the last two converted to B&W (it is, after all, a “hundred rolls of Portra” thingy…) but it IS what I would do if I was just normally shooting it, so converted they shall be.  I just couldn’t colour-correct them to the point that I was satisfied with the images, and I do think they are much stronger in B&W.

So there you have it.

(Oh yeah…and this is pushed to ISO 800, and pre-flashed in Rodinal for 8 minutes).

The Hard Day

…of pooping on the area rug for no good reason, then watching Twin “B” step in it, and jump around screaming with one sock in the air.


Just. Wow. Some times.

7Artisans lens–first at f/1.1 and second at 1.4