…day 16.

This was the result of a half-tripped shutter on the Mamiya (which can sometimes occur if you don’t press the button hard enough) during one of our daily “Forced Marches” (don’t kid yourself…that’s what they are).

It required +10 exposure compensation on the scan, but otherwise, this is exactly how it looked.

…and this is basically how life feels right now.

Tuckered out.

mmkay…Apparently people don’t like B&W pictures of dogs lol.

Here’s the sequel.

Hope you’re all doing alright, and staying safe indoors.


Guys, this is Peanut.

And what do you do, when you get a new dog?

…You read him “Dog Man” of course.

Now I know what you’re thinking…”Again??”

But this is different–

For everyone.

250D, Revisited

Brief pause on the vacay photos for the moment–Here are some pictures of some cute girls.

This is self-rolled Kodak 250D, but treated with some right-proper “ECN-2 Prebath” that I ordered from Argentix.ca

It is interesting stuff–nothing happens when you first pour it out (30-60 second rinse before C-41 development) but the Remjet layer subsequently dissolves away with repeated rinses.  (I needed 8 rinses with agitation before the water ran clear).  I have been looking for something like this for quite some time.  There are proper “recipes” out there, but buying the necessary chemicals in bulk is prohibitive (not to mention “suspicious” lol…)

Anyway, it is finally available commercially in small amounts.

While there is the *tiniest* bit of scant surface residue on occasional frames, it wipes away easily with a lens tissue once dry, and before scanning.  The removal is fairly complete, with fairly little effort.

The advantage here is that you don’t need to use SUPER HOT baking soda rinses, and do not get the reticulations or changes in the grain structure of the film.  Furthermore, your chemicals and equipment stay cleaner.

I think I may see more 250D in my future.

Warming Up

Given what we are all dealing with right now, this seems extremely distant.

That being said, it feels a little “tone deaf” to be posting vacation images.  I am trying to lead as “normal” a life as possible at the moment, but I realize that things are a little widely unhinged.  I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but I hope these images bring a little escape. comfort, and happiness.

Take care of each other…things will be “normal” again one day soon.