Capture One

The photo below is the best I could do in LR.  It is properly white-balanced, and development seemed spot-on.  However, try as I might, I just could not get it properly colour-corrected.  (And believe me…I tried.  Multiple things, multiple times…)

The thing is, that’s not how the scene actually looked.  The strange magenta and blue tonality in the shadows was extremely perplexing…especially since another roll of UltraMax 400 developed at exactly the same time did not exhibit a similar phenomenon.

(Huh…film, right? 🤷‍♀️)

In any case, at the advice of one of you (sorry…can’t remember exactly who at present–will have to go back and figure it out!) I decided to give the Capture One demo a try.

I had to watch a few webinars to get the hang of it at first (not really LOVING the interface compared to LR at present…) but I was quite satisfied with the result I was able to obtain:


…And in other news, the my Lomo Jupiter 3+ was apparently mis-focusing all along, as the LTM adapter I had on it (no, not the proper one from the box…) was apparently out-of-whack.

A respectable Rayqual adapter seems to have fixed the problem.

Ilford HP5+ at ISO 1600 and developed in D76

Testing, Testing…

Testing the 75 Cron on the Konica, and trying to figure out which film I had bulk-rolled, and subsequently mislabelled.

(Anyway, it’s a long story…pay no attention to the actual camera in the photo above).