And behold…the funk was droppethed.

Of course, if you were having a massive three-person birthday dance party (complete with stage smoke and disco balls) you would shoot it on film, with a flash.

Mind you, focusing would be somewhat hard…and everyone would be relatively blind.

More 7-Arting

…this time, in colour.

Strangely, the lens is not coincident at infinity on any of my film bodies, but there doesn’t seem to be a problem, even at f/1.4 (#7 is a bit out, but I chalk it up to motion…) Perhaps I am not shooting it far enough away;

In any case, I have performed zero adjustments from factory spec.  Also–I cannot seem to get it to flare.  It seems to “veil” slightly on occasion, but no fancy rings or patterns.

Will it Blend, Take 2 – 28mm

I don’t normally consider myself a “wide” guy…but I’ve long felt I’ve been missing out on 28mm.

Previous (brief) attempts at 21 and 25mm have yielded mixed results, and I just haven’t bonded with the lenses in question.

When the 7Artisans 28mm was announced, I tried long and hard to resist (😂) arguing that it really wasn’t that much different than 35mm; but you know me…I eventually gave in.

I have to say–so far I am certainly glad I did!  This lens (the now-discontinued “flare” version) was purchased from Hamish Gill over at–I highly recommend him for his shipping and contact.

These were shot on Kodak BW400CN at ISO 400, and developed in C-41 chemistry.  They are all taken between f/1.4 and f/2.

Compendium 25 – Will it Blend?

Remember the video series where that blender company would intentionally grind up expensive, brand-new, and hard-to-find electronics, just to prove that their blenders were up to the task?

…Well, this is kind of like that, except that I periodically often test new gear to determine whether it works.  For me.


Anyhoo…somehow I always thought that if I ever bought a 35mm lens for the Nikon system, it would absolutely be the Sigma Art;

But this ain’t it.

However, this one is smaller, lighter, cheaper, and probably just as sharp.  And the background blur isn’t all that bad either.

And I’m not telling what it is.


Ok fine…it’s the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G ED FX (whew!) and it works on everything to date…including the all-important film bodies.


This is Fuji Industrial 400 shot at ISO 320.