PB & J

Sorry for the “messy mouthful” shots, but it was just such a happy moment…

Guessed at exposure and got lucky too.

So, about that new thing I tried…


This is my first (and absolute VERY LAST) attempt at scanning film with a DSLR.

Knowing full well that a scanner is “just” a digital imaging system, I decided I would get on board with the “much ballyhooed” (LOL, Peter’s term, not mine…) DSLR scanning of film negatives.

I patiently assembled everything I needed from Flea-Bay, B&H, and the four corners of Middle Earth…


  • The Nikon PK-13 Macro Tube,
  • The Nikon Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 Macro lens, and
  • The all-important Nikon ES-1 slide copying adapter

and dutifully read every tutorial while I patiently waited for it all to arrive.

That fateful day came yesterday, and I finally managed to assemble the unholy setup, crank it onto my D810, adjust the framing, fine-tune the exposure, and “scan” my first photo…

And it SUCKED.

To begin with, the process itself is EXTREMELY fiddly.

More importantly (while it is possible I am just being overly dramatic here…) the file honestly looks exactly like a digital photo, of a film image.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but–despite the huge increase in resolution–the file loses something that a dedicated film scanner seems to preserve.

(And DO NOT even get me started on the dust and specks!!)

(…and yes I used compressed air).


Anyone want to buy a super-cheap Nikon macro setup?

Sorry gang…I am not a convert.