A Different Sort of Portrait

I need to be honest with you:


I really want a Fuji GFX.

Like reeeeeeeeeeeeely.

With that 110/2 lens…Oy vey!

It is closer (price wise) to any possible version of reality than a recent Phase or Hasselblad digital MF camera or back.

There is only one problem:

It is not “really” Medium Format.


(okay, two problems…)

(2) Other than the stunning portraiture done by dudes like Jonas Rask (the guy is amazing…you should seriously check him out) anything I read online can’t seem to elicit a notable difference between the GFX50s, and the likes of a Sony A7Rii, Nikon D850, or possibly even D810.

Unless, of course, you print large.  (Like MASSIVE).

Which I don’t.

…Which brings me to the photo above.

It was taken with a Frankensteinian (is that even a word?) beast of a camera: A7Rii, with Nikon-mount “dumb” adapter, and Sigma 50 ART lens.  Manual focus, and nothing but a rough guess at aperture;

The image was then cropped, and further Frankensteinified.

And it sort of works.  (For me anyway…I mean, it’s not perfect)  Which kind of makes me think that I probably don’t neeeeeeeed a Fuji GFX.


But I still want one.




(And don’t you come at me with your “X1D” nonsense…I am OUT!!)


They’ve decided they are going to start a company and invent things…

First on the list: Rocket boots!

Three things going on here:

  • Portra 800 pushed to 1600
  • Rodinal Pre-flash
  • New chemical process: Rollei Digibase C-41. Four steps instead of three, with different timing and temperatures.  Separate Bleach and Fix (instead of “Blix”) Not sure I see a massive improvement, but time will tell.


Just in case you’re wondering, this is what half-unravelled Lomo 800 film looks like when you drop the roll as you’re loading it into the camera.

I knew the images would be a mess, but decided to shoot them anyway as the chemicals were end-of-life.

…”Lomo look” for twice the effort!



I’m not sure specifically what it is I like about this image…but I do.

Maybe I’m biased, and I shouldn’t…It’s kind of a mess.

But it’s her mess.


Ilford HP5+ shot at ISO 1600.