Ok I’m back from retirement, but not really…

You can file this under “Analog Vacation” and also “Utter Randomness”.

But most importantly, this is what happens when you develop for 5:45 at 95F (instead of the standard 3:30 at 102.4F)

Shadows are better developed, and colours more consistent.

Consider me satisfied…and also gone again.


Hope y’all are doing well.



14 thoughts on “5:45

  1. Peter | Prosophos says:

    Aha! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    I’m glad you’re back (oh yes you are).

    Thank you for the invaluable information as well. Hope my colour images turn out this good.

      • -N- says:

        Well, you are missed in the photoblogosphere, like it or not! And down here in SoCal we are fine. The rest of the country? Good question!

  2. Karim D. Ghantous says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t recheck this blog until today. But, as Miranda says in ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’, β€œEverything begins and ends at exactly the right time and place.”

    And so it seems that you have decided to visit what looks like a real-life Jurassic Park, but without the dinosaurs. And it’s just as well, because we all know what happens when you try and resurrect a carnivorous species that has been extinct for 65 million years: utter, terrifying chaos.

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