250D, Revisited

Brief pause on the vacay photos for the moment–Here are some pictures of some cute girls.

This is self-rolled Kodak 250D, but treated with some right-proper “ECN-2 Prebath” that I ordered from Argentix.ca

It is interesting stuff–nothing happens when you first pour it out (30-60 second rinse before C-41 development) but the Remjet layer subsequently dissolves away with repeated rinses.  (I needed 8 rinses with agitation before the water ran clear).  I have been looking for something like this for quite some time.  There are proper “recipes” out there, but buying the necessary chemicals in bulk is prohibitive (not to mention “suspicious” lol…)

Anyway, it is finally available commercially in small amounts.

While there is the *tiniest* bit of scant surface residue on occasional frames, it wipes away easily with a lens tissue once dry, and before scanning.  The removal is fairly complete, with fairly little effort.

The advantage here is that you don’t need to use SUPER HOT baking soda rinses, and do not get the reticulations or changes in the grain structure of the film.  Furthermore, your chemicals and equipment stay cleaner.

I think I may see more 250D in my future.

My New Year’s Photographic Resolutions


…Better late than never, right?

Anyhoo, I made them, so I may as well write them down:

  1. Buy zero gear in 2015.  (heh heh…)
  2. Will you settle for “finish with less gear than I started”?
  3. Learn to develop E6 slide film
  4. Attempt manual indoor flash film photography.
  5. Maintain another project–I’m thinking something along the lines of “The Year in Film

So far I’m on track for 4 out of 5…which isn’t bad at two weeks in.


(EDIT: Oh…and redesign my site.  So I could have, like, 83.333%!)

All the best,


Under the Watchful Eye


…of the Owl.

For comparison sake, these are Superia 400 also pushed to 800, and developed at the same time as the UltraMax.

Tones are similar (but a little less vibrant) with slightly more grain.

Owl from the same care package as the film…and it was a big hit.

I hope you enjoy,







Kodak UltraMax


This is Kodak UltraMax 400, shot at ISO 800.

I have never shot this film before–It was sent to me by my friend Greg (Thanks Greg!)


I must say I am LOVING on this film!!

Beautiful vivid colors, and faithful skin tones, with none of the potential issues of self-developed Portra.


(B&H, here I come!)

Lots here from yesterday…I hope you enjoy.

(They are straight off the Pakon–added a tiny bit of vignette in one or two, but otherwise no adjustments!)










“M” is For…


Most days he tends to fly under the radar around here, so today he gets his own special feature.

(Not that he’d really care all that much, but maybe one day he will…)






Color ones are Superia 400 on the 50 lux, B&W are a schmoz of RPX 400 and PanF+