The Flying Dog

Taken about 90 minutes ago;

I almost deleted it…but then realized the dog was levitating.


It’s not perfect, but I like it for the sense of motion…and that I caught it at all.

The Hound From…

…You know where.

She eats (read: RUINS) everything in site, but gosh-darnit is she cute.


(No one else wants to be photographed by me these days anyway…)

Tmax 400 Pushed to ISO 1600.



On Tuesday afternoon, we made a very stupid mistake.


We thought we were making it for the right reasons;

But in hindsight…the decision was completely wrong.

We decided to adopt Mila out to a new home.


Mila growled at the first couple, and would not go near them…so that was a “no”.

The second woman, however, was very genuine, and Mila seemed to bond with her immediately.

So, with tears streaming down my face, I handed her over…

And away she went.


Despite her brief stay with us, we spent the next 24 hrs extremely sad.

Fortunately, sadness has a way of bringing things into sharp focus.


So last night at midnight, we realized our mistake.

We emailed the dear woman to try and get her back;

And fortunately, she understood.

(She had a dachshund, a cat, and a husband in the house, so she was not alone…)


This afternoon, Mila came home to stay.

And all is once again as it should be…chaos and all.

I am thankful we had a chance to correct our mistake.