The Great Preset Test

Very excited to be able to bring these to you today (forgot we even did them…)

One of these is actual Ilford HP5+, and the other is VSCO’s idea of what HP5+ should look like…adjusted by me to actually look like Ilford HP5+.


Can you pick them out?

Which one do you prefer?

One was taken on the X-H1 with 35mm f/1.4 lens (53mm equivalent) the other on the M6 with Voigtlander 40mm f/1.2 lens, and subsequently adjusted for equivalent FOV. Β The only thing I can’t tell you is the aperture used in each case (as I wasn’t actually paying attention…) but I think it was similar.

In any case, one was certainly a lot easier than the other…


Switching gears here for a moment…the Producer hard at work.
A nice, grainy Ilford HP5+ pushed to ISO 800 in D76


…And in other news, the my Lomo Jupiter 3+ was apparently mis-focusing all along, as the LTM adapter I had on it (no, not the proper one from the box…) was apparently out-of-whack.

A respectable Rayqual adapter seems to have fixed the problem.

Ilford HP5+ at ISO 1600 and developed in D76

Testing, Testing…

Testing the 75 Cron on the Konica, and trying to figure out which film I had bulk-rolled, and subsequently mislabelled.

(Anyway, it’s a long story…pay no attention to the actual camera in the photo above).