The Twelve Frames of Christmas


Yes.  Already.

We are one of those families.

(Hey, when you have kids, you decorate early…)


In any case, to the best of my knowledge, this sort of thing has never been attempted anywhere before…especially not without some sort of safety harness.

What you have here, folks, is all twelve frames from a roll of 120 yesterday.  No, I’m not sayin’ they’re all great…but some are quite postable.

And like the great Ansel Adams once said: “If you don’t take the shot…you won’t have the picture”.

Or something like that.

Anyhoo…here they are in exactly the same order they were shot and came off the roll.  (Actually, they came off the roll in reverse, because of how 120 spools…but this is how they were shot.  Trust me.)

Ilford HP5+ shot at ISO 800, and pushed one stop in D-76

You saw it here first.


I’m not sure specifically what it is I like about this image…but I do.

Maybe I’m biased, and I shouldn’t…It’s kind of a mess.

But it’s her mess.


Ilford HP5+ shot at ISO 1600.



Every time I shoot the 75 Summicron on B&W film, I wonder why I don’t shoot more often with the 75 Summicron on B&W film.