One of the last few shots I took on the Pentax 6×7…Don’t ask me why I sold it, I don’t know.

Pitch black in the room aside from the light coming from the iPhone.  Portra 400 pushed to 800.

Dystopian Reality

…or “The Rest of the Roll”.

The smoke from the BC forest fires has been shockingly thick here the last few days; yesterday it seemed as though the world was ending–sunrise was literally 90 minutes later than it should have been.

Our eyes have been stinging, and our throats burning…Apparently the air quality is the equivalent of a few pack-years worth of cigarette smoking.  The first photo was just as the smog started to set in…it looks a little like the set of Star Wars. The rest of the photos were taken before the haze descended.




Because of the sheer amount of effort involved in shooting, developing, and scanning 120 film, I am often disappointed in the final results obtained.

…Today was not one of those days.



I sent in two rolls of Velvia 50, and one roll of some ancient Kodak ISO 64 slide film (which I shot at ISO 25) to be professionally developed.

I didn’t want to go through the hassle of buying, mixing, and developing E6 chemicals again myself…let alone the scanning.

The total was $116.55 CAD.

Initially when I got the scans back, I was crestfallen–

My keeper/hit rate was poorer than I had hoped.

When I looked closely, however, I came up with 16 images (out of a possible 32) that I was satisfied with.

50% hit rate, $7.28 an image.

Not bad, I guess…

Some of these photos might be worth $7.28.

However, I wouldn’t be shooting film in any capacity whatsoever, if that’s what it actually cost me.  Thanks to TheLab Vancouver.