Mother’s Day

Our tradition of sorts–Mother’s Day on Medium Format.

(Look at this beautiful family I’ve been blessed with!! 😍)

…Now tell me this could have been taken on a Nikon, so I can get on with my life and stop looking at scanners!!


I rarely shoot in the vertical orientation…

Portra 400 pushed to ISO 1200 and pre-flashed in Rodinal–I just liked the B&W version best.

Before & After

(Or: Analogue Noise Reduction!!)

This is -by far- the whackiest thing I have done in years.

To begin with, I would like to thank my good friend Jordan for bringing this to my attention.

There are a lot of things going on here, so let’s hop right in:

To begin with, The Producer was at a conference, so I had to style the hair and make the bun myself.  That is really the main miracle here. 😂

Second, this is Portra 400 shot at ISO 1200 (Yes, a 1.5 stop push)

Finally (and probably most importantly…) this film was processed in both B&W and Colour Chemistry!!

That’s right folks:  This roll was first soaked in Rodinal (1:100) for ten minutes at room temperature (without agitation) and then rinsed, and immediately processed in standard C-41 chemistry.


And the blacks are BLACK, with no hint of grainy green and purple chroma noise that often results from pushing Portra 120 even one stop.

From what I can gather, the Rodinal seems to develop the “avid” areas first (the “bright noise” if you will…) leaving a very faint B&W image, which is subsequently bleached away (due to lack of fixation) by the C-41 chemistry.  It is -literally- “Analogue Noise Reduction!!”  The negatives are of a lower density overall, but the shadows contain more detail, and the tones are much more homogeneous.

Definitely an area that warrants further exploration.

(Next stop: 35mm Portra 400 at 1600 and put through the Pakon…)



Some stylized downtown architectural sights–First one on Portra 800 with the Hassy, and the rest on cross-processed Provia 400X with the Pentax 6×7.








This was a bit of a surprise–

This is Provia 400X (E6) shot at ISO 800 (Pushed) and cross-processed (cheaper and easier) in C-41 chemistry.

Other than scanning with the Fuji NPH 400 profile, I have done nothing to it in terms of adjustment.  The colors may be a bit off (overly blue…) but I am surprised at how reasonable the skin tones look.

More Autumn Scenery


These were taken at the same time as “Autumn Scenery” but with the Pentax 6×7 on Portra 400 instead.  I wanted to compare the two mediums, so I apologize if they seem overly similar or repetitious.







I’m a Tree.


Sure, I probably could have shot (and selected) a better portrait with the D810…but this is the one I got.

One of the things I really like about film is the uncertainty regarding the finished product.  How is it going to react with the light?  Which specific moment did I catch?  Will it even be in focus?

(Well, not so much that last one…but the first two for sure!)