If you’re shooting a waist-level finder on a medium format camera (well, any SLR really…) and you can’t seem to get “crisp” shots when they appear in focus, consider the possibility that the mirror supports may have deteriorated, or your focusing screen is malpositioned.

In my case, the focusing screen was about a millimeter too low (about 1/32 of an inch, if you still speak “ancient”) and everything was slightly front-focused.

This is Tri-X 400 pushed to ISO 1200 and developed in D76.

(Oh and congrats to Jordan and the Kansas City Chiefs…who apparently aren’t in Kansas anymore.)


oy vey.

Has Photography Saved Your Life?

…because yesterday, it saved his.

…He was being a housebound teenager of 13–A jerk to everyone around him for no particular reason, other than the fact that he wasn’t getting his way.

So I finally put a camera in his hand, and out we went.

These are my photos, not his…because he didn’t finish his roll…

But fortunately we both came out the better for it.

Merry Christmas 2019

Well gang–thanks for sticking with us through another year!

All the best of the holiday season to you and your families.

From all of us here at iftimestoodstill industries.