Snow Day Again

I’d say it was “climate change” but it is actually just September in Edmonton, so 🤷‍♂️

My third-last roll of Superia 120.

One Negative, Two Scans

Top one is VueScan Professional, bottom is Silverfast 8.8–both at 3200 dpi on the Epson V600.

Similar scans, but of a different character–Interesting to see each programs’ interpretation of “Portra 400”

Case in Point

A perfect example of why Medium Format is just silly, and not worth all the effort involved.

(lol…no not this one…the next three that were out-of-focus).


A Midsummer Night’s Allergy Season

These were scanned on the Epson V600, because the Opticfilm 120 is now starting to band in the blue channel.  Which means messed-up skies.  Even with different software.

Incidentally, it is now out of warranty.

Oh…and also it is listed as “Discontinued” by B&H.

So…unless you are happy with a flatbed (V800 or 850) or are prepared to fork out for a Flextight (send me one too, please!) your options for MF home scanning are rapidly waning.

(…aaaaaaand now it’s back.  Don’t know what to tell you…Except maybe Caveat Emptor).