…Scoville Units.

Which is literally nothing, apparently.

For reference, the Habanero (which I can’t even touch or stomach) tops out at 350,000 and the previous World Record holder (Carolina Reaper) is a paltry 2.2 Million Scoville Units.

The current record (by the same company that created the Carolina Reaper) is 3.18 Million Scoville Units with the “Pepper X”.

…oh and this shot is from the Leica M8.




Nokton 40/1.4 wide open–“Bubbly” rendering a little bit  like the Top Secret lens of Intrigue (Sonnetar 50/1.1…which is now gone) and the Summarit 50/1.5



These were The Producer’s idea.  I barely had time to decide what and how I wanted to shoot before they were both in the crib…and the moment didn’t last long at all.  (Just like the last few years, I guess…)

In any case, there are photos of them both laughing and goofing around, but for some reason I just liked this one most.

I love the emotion, and the contrast between their expressions.

Tired and Sick


I’m not gonna sugar coat it for you: it hasn’t exactly been fun here the last 24hrs…

Hoping this round of plague is rather short-lived.