The Last Three

…and then, only blackness.


The first-curtain shutter on the M8 failed, and won’t open.  It is presently on it’s way back to Leica, where hopefully they will have parts, and the repair will be speedy.

It is too pivotal an instrument not to repair…


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

…No, I haven’t read the book, or seen the movie, so I realize it is probably not a good reference;

Why she has the tattoo is a rather long story, relating to school, and a recent Indigenous Day…Some of the tattoo has since washed off during swimming lessons Saturday.

That being said, the fact remains: She has a (temporary) dragon tattoo, and she’s a girl (with attitude to spare).  I thought the picture was decent–and the title even better–so I went for it.

Apologies to the actual author for the actual plagiarism.